Entry into Science Success Year 9 Fast-Start

Year 9 Fast Start
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The test here is for Entry into the Year 9 Masterclasses.
Eligibility will be determined by how well you answer written questions, the key terms you use correctly, as well as your final score. You will be contacted within 7 days with your results.

You will need:
A paper copy of the periodic table
A scientific calculator
A piece of paper to do your workings on

1. DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE TEST WITH ANYONE: If you talk about the test and that person gets a better score than you, you could lose your spot in the class.
2. YOUR TEST IS TO BE DONE IN TEST CONDITIONS: you need to be in a quiet, uninterrupted environment. No phone or Googling – neither will help you as the test is skills-based.
3. THE TEST IS TIMED – you have only 45 minutes. When the time runs out, that is all the time you have and you will not be able to retry the test.
4. BE CAREFUL: If you refresh your screen or move to a different screen during the test, your test will time out and you will not be able to get back in. You have only 1 try at the test.
All technical difficulties are your responsibility and will not be considered as you have moved beyond the testing module to get to this stage.

You require a copy of the periodic table to be printed out and in front of you before you begin the assessment.
DO NOT start until you are ready with a paper copy of the Periodic Table
(You will waste the time in the test looking for items if you are not ready with ALL listed equipment when the test begins).