Information and Zoom link

The Group Zoom Masterclass for this session is on Sunday 21 March 2021 at 6:30pm.
Arrive from 6:20pm and enter the waiting room.
Ensure to use your correct name, or you will not be allowed into the room.
If your name is incorrect, exit the waiting room, edit your name and re-enter the waiting room.
It is your responsibility to enter the Zoom with the correct name.

You need to ensure that you have completed the applicable work for this topic BEFORE attending the Zoom session as the live session is to go through any problems you may have with the material.
The Zoom session will not be reteaching this material: that will have been done by the videos you have here.

The link to the room is in the final section. DO NOT pass this link on to anyone else.
The link will unlock to be viewed the afternoon of the session only.

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