Booking Page

Regular Term Time Lessons
Monthly available lessons spaces are added to this page on the 1st of each month at precisely 9am.
Some can periodically come in later, so check the page frequently through the month if you are waiting on a lesson time.

Holiday Lessons
Half term and term break spaces are added to this page on the Monday two weeks before the break at precisely 9am.

For the academic year of 2021-2022, these dates are:
11 October 2021 for October half term;
31 January 2022 for February half term;
21 March 2022 for Easter break;
16 May 2022 for May half term;
11 July for summer lessons from 25 July – 31 August.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, these dates are:
10 October 2022 for October half term;
30 January 2023 for February half term;
20 March 2023 for Easter break;
15 May for May half term;
10 July for summer lessons from 24 July – 31 August. 

If the dates are gone when you look after 9am, there is nothing that can be done – the dates are allocated to the person who books them first. 

IF YOU BOOK A SPACE, make sure you book the session in the STUDENT’S name so that I know who I will be teaching!

Please, be kind to me and minimise my run-around: BOOK THE SPACE IN THE STUDENT'S NAME

TERMS: Your booking WILL be declined, refunded and offered out again if a parent’s name is in the booking instead of the student’s name.