GCSE Masterclass Sessions 2.0

These masterclasses cover a good deal of the Paper 2 items that would be taught in Year 11.

Each weekly masterclass covers three different topics; one Biology, one Chemistry and one Physics topic. 
We do around 4 hours of Science a week, so if you cannot commit that time, these lessons are not for you. 

REMEMBER – I train mostly future doctors and engineers, so we have a very high standard from Day 1. We aim to get the level 9, and plan towards that goal. 

With every Masterclass week, you get:

  • A pre-recorded class covering all you need to know about each of the specific topics (so, 3 video lessons per Masterclass),
  • Structured summary notes (in a workbook) to help you keep your notes and work together (to preview the workbook and see a few pages, look at the video below),
  • A graded quiz on each topic, to measure your progress and understanding (so, 3 quizzes per Masterclass)
  • Exam-style questions on each topic (so, 3 sets of exam-style questions).
  • An optional live call to go over any snagging issues you may have on the topics covered and to progress you to the level 8/9 items of the topics for the week* 
  • Completion certificate for each masterclass. 
 *(provided you book the masterclass and complete the work before the set date of the call).

See the ‘download’ button below for the full list of the topics covered in each Masterclass listed for the whole course for both years. 

Triple Science Masterclasses for Sept 2022 - May 2023 (Sundays 6:50pm) - this group is now FULL

Triple Science Masterclass full schedule 2022-2023 (Sunday group)

Triple Science Masterclasses for Sept 2022 - May 2023 (Wednesdays 6:50pm)...you will be sent a link if you qualify for the classes.

Triple Science Masterclass full schedule 2022-2023 (Wednesday group)

Have a look inside the Masterclass 2.0 Workbook

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