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YOUR time management for Masterclasses is important.
Please make sure that you schedule and manage your time properly, including of when you intend to submit the required items each week, and that these items are all done well before the lesson time in case you need a resubmission.

Checking will happen once a day, every morning, although during holidays (when group sessions do not run) this may be less frequent.

If you decide to last-minute your work, the checking still only occurs once a day, every morning.

No one but you is responsible for your time management, please. 

Advanced notice posted 4/11/2022: There will be NO checking of any work or the answering of any emails from noon on 23 Dec until the morning of Weds 4 January inclusive.
All lessons end on 18 Dec and restart in the week of 2 January so please plan your time accordingly.

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