1 iGCSE Biology Revision Cards Unit B1 to 6



*This resource requires some preparation*

This resource is a collection of questions and answers with pertinent knowledge required for the unit. There are 525 questions and answers in this card set.

B1: Organisms and Life Processes
B2: Animal Physiology
B3: Plant Physiology
B4: Ecology and the Environment
B5: Variation and Selection
B6: Microorganisms and Genetic Modification

The questions use keywords used in the examinations and the answers use the important keywords that should be repeated to gain marks in the examinations.
The easiest way to use this resource is to print the pages back to back onto card: as then each revision card will have the answer on the back of them, making them very easy to simply cut out and use.

NOTE: You will receive two sets of digital downloads; which is, in effect, two versions of each file. You do not need to print all of the files.
Choose a version you would like to print and stick with that one.  

Documents whose titles end in ‘A4’ can be printed back to back onto card, flipping on the short edge. If you print back to back, make sure it is on card – not paper – as you will be able to see the answers on the back through paper. Or you can just go old-school and print each sheet single-sided onto paper and glue the appropriate cards together.

Documents that do not have ‘A4’ in their title should be printed on single pages (NOT back to back) and will need to be cut up and stuck together separately. This gives you a smaller version of each card: so this version is very handy for throwing in a school bag for the journey to school and back again.

All cards are designed so that if you mix them up, you can still tell exactly which unit they come from as they have the card number, subject and the unit number printed on each card.

This is a downloadable printable product. You need to print this yourself at home and will not be sent a physical product.

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