Organs and Systems Card Sort



*This resource requires some preparation*

A Card sort that has the names, functions and pictures of the different main organs within the body.
Can be used as starter, plenary, etc.

Students can use this resource in a variety of ways:
-Sort the cards in the three columns as given.
-Sort the cards and identify them according to the system they are in.
-Arrange the picture cards according to the approximate location of the organ from the top of the body downwards.
-In pairs, one could pick up a card and ask the other to find the two that match.
-You could put the parts on a slide with screen grabs and create a game of “splat” (where two students have to touch the parts that go with a particular word, i.e. “liver” – then hopefully they would touch the drawing of the liver and the function of the liver).
-Any other use you can think of!

I find this helps students to identify the organs once they move to playing with the body model. Sometimes in smaller groups, once they have sorted organs according to position, I’ll give them the body model to do it there too. My students also love Splat as it is interactive and competitive.

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