Year 10 Masterclasses for Fast Start group (Thursday group) 6:55-8pm; Sept – Dec 2023




Welcome to Year 10 Masterclasses for Science, running on THURSDAYS.
If you have been sent this link, you have been chosen to continue with Masterclasses in Year 10.

Please do not pass this link on to anyone else.

The full schedule so that you know exactly when the sessions are has been emailed to you. 

NOTE that the first lesson for 1.11 will appear in your profile a few minutes after purchase, the rest of the lessons will appear by 12 July.
You are welcome to work ahead if you wish to. 

The price includes all 16 weeks of lessons.
This is broken down as: 16 x £25 for the lessons.

There is no extra workbook needed – we carry on with the purple workbook 

Group sessions follow the terms of tuition outlined in the footer below (downloadable under the heading Tuition Terms), and once booked lessons are completely non-refundable.
By booking sessions, you agree to the terms of tuition. 


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