Year 12 Edexcel SNAB Biology A Level Group Masterclasses Sept – Dec 2023 (Monday Group) 5:15pm




Welcome to Year 12 Masterclasses for Edexcel Salter’s Nuffield A Level Biology Specification.
These lessons are running from Sept – Dec 2023; a total of 15 weeks of lessons.

The A Level OCR A Biology Group Masterclass is on Mondays from 5:15-6:15pm.
The sessions do not run in half terms or in term breaks.

The structure of our week will be a combination of:
– Pre-recorded lesson(s) on difficult concepts (content, maths skills, practicals, etc)
– Quiz(zes)
– Notes to be taken/summaries to be made
– Past paper questions
– A live lesson to help you to tie your knowledge together covering the B-A* items.

After purchase, the lessons will start appearing in your area from 1 Sept. We officially start in the week of 11 September (but items will open from 1 Sept).
The first live lesson will be on 11 September.
You will be sent a full schedule by 1 Sept.  

You will be expected to get hold of the textbooks listed here ahead of the start date:
AS textbook: ISBN: 9781447991007
A2 textbook: ISBN: 9781447991014
We will go on to the A2 textbook ahead of A2 – just as the school will – so please ensure that you have both at the ready.

All group lessons are offered as per the tuition terms in the footer of the website.
Once sessions are booked, these are non-refundable.


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