Year 9 Aspiring to a grade 9 Fast-Start GCSE Masterclass for AQA (Tuesday group) 6:55-8pm; March – June 2023


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Welcome to Year 9 Masterclasses for Science.
If you have been sent this link, you have been chosen for the ‘Aspiring to a grade 9 Fast Start Year 9 Masterclasses’.
This is the link for the class doing the AQA exam board.

Please do not pass this link on to anyone else.

The full schedule so that you know exactly when the sessions are is attached here:

Click to access GCSE-Science-Masterclass-GCSE-schedule-Year-9-Aspiring-to-Level-9-March-June-2023-with-topics-Triple-Science-Tues-group.pdf

Ensure you download this.

NOTE that AFTER 6 MARCH, items will begin to appear in the ‘Your Profile’ area, there will be nothing in the Your Profile Area just yet.

The price includes all 11 weeks of lessons, the calculator skills module and the introductory package that will be posted out to you.
Broken down as: 11 x £23 for the lessons, £7 for the calculator skills module, and a rounded £10 for the printing and postage of the starter resource package.

The POSTAL address you input will be used to send out the STARTER PACK. 
Please ensure that your postal address is correct as I take no responsibility for the loss of a package due to you inputting the incorrect address details.
You would need to purchase a second starter package if this occurs.

Group sessions follow the terms of tuition outlined in the footer below (downloadable under the heading Tuition Terms), and once booked lessons are completely non-refundable.
By booking sessions, you agree to the terms of tuition. 


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