Combined Masterclasses 2.05-2.08
Oct 2021


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Bundle of Masterclass 2 Sessions, containing Masterclass 2.05 – 2.08.

Masterclass 2.05 covers:
This session covers:
Biology – Human immune system
Chemistry – Crude oil and fractional distillation
Physics – The 5 circuit components and their graphs

Masterclass 2.06 covers:
Biology – Communicable diseases: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protists
Chemistry – Alkanes
Physics – The plug and power calculations

Masterclass 2.07 covers:
Biology – Non-communicable diseases: cancer, screening
Chemistry – Cracking
Physics – Earthing and resistance of a wire practical

Masterclass 2.08 covers:
Biology – Selective breeding
Chemistry – Gas identification: oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, chlorine, ammonia 
Physics – Left and right hand rules

See the individual Masterclasses for the start dates and the dates of the live sessions.


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