Combined Masterclasses 2.09-2.12
Nov 2021


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Bundle of Masterclass 2 Sessions, containing Masterclass 2.09 – 2.12.

Masterclass 2.09 covers:
This session covers:
Biology – Genetic engineering
Chemistry – Phytomining
Physics – Magnetism, permanent magnets and electromagnets

Masterclass 2.10 covers:
Biology – Coronary heart disease and other problems
Chemistry – Bioleaching
Physics – The Particle Model

Masterclass 2.11 covers:
Biology – Natural Selection
Chemistry – Reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium
Physics – Atomic structure and Isotopes

Masterclass 2.12 covers:
Biology – Darwin and Lamarck
Chemistry – Reactions of Group 1 metals
Physics – Spring Constant and associated calculations

See the individual Masterclasses for the start dates and the dates of the live sessions.


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