Masterclasses 1.0 Bundle 1.16-1.30
AND drop-ins May and June
10 Jan – 5 June 2022


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Bundle of Masterclass 1 Sessions, containing Masterclass 1.16 – 1.30.

Book the bundle before 1 January 2022 and get the drop-in sessions free.

Masterclass 1.16 covers:
Biology – Mutations and Variations
Chemistry – Calculations IV: Bond Enthalpy
Physics – Wave calculations

Masterclass 1.17 covers:
Biology – The Endocrine System
Chemistry – Calculations V: Titrations
Physics – Ray Diagrams

Masterclass 1.18 covers:
Biology – Homeostasis I: Thermoregulation
Chemistry – Balancing Equations I: Beginner Skills
Physics – Refraction in Blocks (Prac)

Masterclass 1.19 covers:
Biology – Homeostasis II: Blood glucose regulation & diabetes
Chemistry – Balancing Equations II: Advanced Skills
Physics – The EM Spectrum

Masterclass 1.20 covers:
Biology – Homeostasis III: The Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy
Chemistry – Displacement Reactions and Ionic Equations
Physics – Investigating Radiation (Prac)

Masterclass 1.21 covers:
Biology – Homeostasis IV: Osmoregulation
Chemistry – Precipitate reactions and Ionic Equations
Physics – Generating EM Waves, Uses and Hazards of EM waves

Masterclass 1.22 covers:
Biology – The Kidneys
Chemistry – Nanoparticles
Physics – Alpha, Beta & Gamma Radiation

Masterclass 1.23 covers:
Biology – Contraception
Chemistry – Allotropes of Carbon
Physics – Penetrating and ionising powers of alpha, beta and gamma radiation

Masterclass 1.24 covers:
Biology – IVF
Chemistry – Endothermic and Exothermic reaction profiles
Physics – Half-life

Masterclass 1.25 covers:
Biology – Monoclonal Antibodies
Chemistry – Making pure, dry samples
Physics – Fission and nuclear power stations

Masterclass 1.26 covers:
Biology – Digestive System
Chemistry – Types of chemical reactions and titrations (Prac)
Physics – Fusion

Masterclass 1.27 covers:
Biology – Protein Synthesis
Chemistry – The atmosphere past and present
Physics – Lifecycle of stars

Masterclass 1.28 covers:
Biology – The brain, nervous system, and the reflex arc
Chemistry – Greenhouse gases and global warming
Physics – Nuclear equations

Masterclass 1.29 covers:
Biology – The eye
Chemistry – LCAs and sustainability
Physics – Lenses and Lens diagrams

Masterclass 1.30 covers:
Biology – Long and short-sightedness
Chemistry – Producing potable water (Prac) and Waste Water Recycling
Physics – The solar system, comets, satellites, asteroids, orbits, and the origins of the universe (models of Copernicus & Galileo). 

See the individual Masterclasses for the start dates and the dates of the live sessions.

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